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Rent a boat- an easy way of sailing - Archip Sailing

Archip Sailing

ArchiP Sailing is a full service company with a perfect location for sailors in the Stockholm archipelago. With our boats far out in the mid archipelago at Winberg’s shipyard at Djurö, close to the south of “Kanholmsfjärden” you have 7M to Sandhamn and 14M to Björkskär in the outer archipelago. You reach us by car, in less than one hour from the city.


Renting should be easy and comfortable. We therefore offer quality boats with high standard. In addition you can acquire a range of services, making sailing life a bit more care free.

A few examples: You can rent a dinghy with motor, we can deliver the boat to another starting location – a so called “one way” trip. You can rent sheets, we can take care of departure cleaning. We can tailor make education trips etc.


Our charter concept means sailing with a professional skipper - responsible for navigation and security, but with you in charge.
Would you like to do the sailing yourself, the skipper will be your guide or you can leave everything to the skipper and his crew.

The Archipelago

The archipelago is the big adventure and the reason we and many with us enjoys sailing every day during the season, year in and year out, throughout our lives. Have you not sailed here before, every island and every moment will offer surprises and exiting views.
Have you already sailed a lot in the archipelago you know that there are yet islands, creeks and sunsets to experience.

The sea

With our fleet and its favourable location it is easy to get a little further out at sea. During a week you can easily visit Åland and sail back in good time.
The bolder sailor, who can take a longer sail at a stretch, can go to Gotland in the same time.


We are convinced there are several sailors who would like to learn more on how to sail a modern keelboat. Everything from basic knowledge like: berth, set sail, shorten sail or more sophisticated like: spinnaker sailing or navigating in the archipelago.
Unfortunately, there is a lot of prestige in sailing, and few ask questions, that would reveal a lack of knowledge, around friends. With us, you get the chance to sail, for a few hours or a whole day, with a skilled instructor to learn more and get a few good advices on the way.

Odd seasons

We sail up until November, and when the weather is favourable, even in December. Why not let us take you to the “Christmas buffe ” at Sandhamn? Or rent a boat and sail in an empty November archipelago. An unforgettable sailing experience.

Our prices: Read more.

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