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Rent or Charter sailing boat in Stockholm - Archip Sailing
Ostholmen, Finnhamn, Bullerö, Nämdö, Fejan, Möja, Rödlöga, Vidinge, Kallskär, Norrpada, Nåttarö, Utö…

”Where do I go?!”

There are so many islands and places. Sandy beaches and cliffs. Nightlife and secluded sunsets. Restaurants, hostels, saunas…We know how to find them. We can provide you with a designed route based on your desires. All suitable to your timetable and sailing experience.
The archipelago is unique in many ways. Because you’re not affected by any tide or swells, you can berth directly even to rocky islands. The Swedish law “The right of public access” gives you the possibility to get ashore almost everywhere.

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Fredrik Westin

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